Monday, August 8, 2011

My Life Be Empty

~My life be empty not for you
you are of what in all I do~
~You are the sun that rises morn
my life be that you have adorn~
~Of that the Moon you are the light
that shines so bright within the night~
~The stars the sky that guides the way
when we are lost and gone astray~
~My blood runs hot in through my veins 
within my heart for you love reigns~
~In that you are my every thought
of all I do and all I want~
~You are my soul in Heaven’s wait
without of you Hell be my fate~
~You give me reason in that to be
of that you are my destiny~
~In all you do of all you give
you are the reason in that I live~
~And if I die before I wake
I’ll wait for you at Heaven’s gate~
~My love for you will always be
forever more eternity~
Duke Sherman

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