Wednesday, August 3, 2011

When Daddy Looses His Little Girl

~More precious in that of this world
is that of Daddy’s little girl~
~From day she’s born ‘til he dies
is of her Daddy’s reason why~
~From that his soul he lives for her
within his heart his love bestir~
~No wrong on earth can she do of
for she is Daddy’s special love~
~When she needs her Daddy’s there
no matter time or anywhere~
~For she is Daddy’s little girl
more precious in that of this world~
~Then one day it comes to past
the Bond is broken doesn’t last~
~Within his heart so he cries
within is soul so he dies~
~He hopes he prays that one day
she finds the errors of her ways~
~No more she cares no more her heart
from that her Daddy she does part~
~He’s lost the love his little girl
more precious in that of this world~
~He reminisce of younger years
of times she came to him in tears~
~Of these the words she asked him why
as he wiped the tears from each her eye~
~That part of him his little girl
no longer part of that his world~
~His love for her will never die
within his heart will always cry~
~When Daddy looses his little girl
Daddy looses his whole world

Duke Sherman

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