Tuesday, August 2, 2011

You'd Be My Queen I'd be Your Man

              I Love You
~You are my heart my very soul
within my being a fire grows~
~I feel the flame desire burns
within my heart for you I yearn~
~Alone I stay awake at night
in thought of you of sweet delight~
~And when I do succumb my sleep
I dream of you my heart to keep~
~When I wake my day begins
my thought of you is never end~
~I ponder thought of that your kiss
to taste the sweet within your lips~
~To hold you in my arms and say
how much I love you all my days~
~One wish my life before I die
I wish for you to be my side~
~To be my girl my only girl
to be the one for me this world~
~I’d take your hand and cherish you
in all and everything I do~
~Your every wish be my command
you’d be my Queen I’d be your man~
~So hot this fire within me burns
my God my Darling for you I yearn~
~I love you more than life can be
please take a chance and be with me~
Duke Sherman

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