Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Prepare For That A Special Night

~Give to me your Pussy sweet,
wrap your lips around my meat~
~Prepare for that a special night
filled with all in of delight~
~To make you cum be my desire
within my nuts there burns a fire~
~Into my tongue will enter you
and taste within your Pussy dew~
~To rub your clit in motion slow 
keep moist in that your juices flow~
~Round and round in gentle stroke
of that to stimulate be my invoke~
~For you to take my nuts your hand
in that caress you kiss the glands~
~To take within my Dick your mouth
of that my nut so do you rouse~
~Deep down your throat in and out
with of your tongue be roundabout~
~The pain be near the pleasure sweet
to feel my nut within my meat~
~Be that your motion steady pace
you say to cum upon your face~
~In that I do so do you cum
within my mouth the nectar from~
~Rest we will for pleasure more
for that our need be in galore~ 
~You will so scream in pleasure say
take me Baby in every way~
~In that your Pussy be it burned
of more my Dick be that you yearn~
~From of your rear and from your front
in karma sutra be mine your Cunt~ 
~From that the night into the day
my Dick be yours in every way~
~Be dry my nut within the sack
another nut will soon come back~
Duke Sherman

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Fever Burns

~Within my groin a fever burns
 my nut be that so full the sperm~
~In that my Cock the blood runs hot
within my gut is tied a knot~
~My need be great to take of you
in that your Cunt to me bestrew~
~My tongue be that so hard and stiff 
for of the taste within your clit~
~I want to bathe you head to toe
with that my tongue so very slow~
~Take in the juices your Pussy sweet
as you suck of that my burning meat~
~Let go my load within your mouth
as that my tongue runs round in route~
~Your juices flow within your squirt
I take all in with every jerk~
~I lust for more you fondle me
 my head still there between your knees~
~In of your juices flow sweet and much
bountiful in that of in my clutch~ 
~Again my Cock be ready more
to penetrate your Pussy’s core~
~I drive it in so wet and warm
as if a fire within you born~
~You scream in pleasure in want of more
go deep and hard into your core~
~Within my nut be ready plode
into your Cunt release my load~
~Be strong I am I will refrain
in that of when I feel the pain~
~My pleasure be when that you cum
in only then will I succumb~
~I hear you moan I feel you squeeze
let go your load you say to me~
~Let go I do release my load
as if a bomb were to explode~
~In of a bliss you give to me
of that the pleasure Ecstasy~
~We rest awhile again begin
the night not yet has come to end~
~Within my nut still be a seed
in that of you still be a need~
~Into the morn the sun comes up
in that of many you bust my nut~
~In that you are for me a fire
within my groin the only Desire~
~Throughout the day within my head
in of the night it that my bed~
~You keep me hard in thought of you
exciting me in all you do~
Duke Sherman

Thursday, August 25, 2011

If Wishes Could Be

beauty 2
~If wishes could be that come true
my wish would be in that of you~
~You are of what perfection be
in that your heart in of I plea~
~Your beauty reins in all the land
you are the eye of every man~
~My every thought be that of you
in of my wish my heart be true~
~Sometime I gaze upon your lips
in ponder want to know your kiss~
~In of your eyes I look into
and know my  heart belongs to you~
~Your body shape brings thought to me
as that a Goddess the Heavens be~
~And every move in that you make
my heart skips beat my breath you take~
~Your voice is soft an Angel speaks
in that of ease you are mystique~
~And in the night I dream of you
within my dream my wish come true~
~In of my life would be complete
if that your heart with mine would meet~
~For what is Heaven would then exist
within my world be my bliss~
~In of my love has always been
for you and will be ‘til the end~
~In that your heart of that I plea
make true my wish for us to be~
~I give my promise to cherish you
in all I am and all I do~
~To love you more than life can be
you are my reason in that I breathe~
~To hold you in my arms and say
I love you Darling every day~
~To never wander in that of lust
in that I live forever trust~
~To never give you reason cry
in that my heart would surly die~
~And when I pass I promise you
in afterlife to love you too~
~You are of what perfection be
in that your heart in of I plea~
~Make be my wish come true to pass
in that my love be ever last~
Duke Sherman

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Joe Muharsky's

A Tribute To The Men And Women Of The Armed Forces Of
usa.jpg (23281 bytes)
Who Are Prisoners Of War Or Missing In Action
      powlogo.jpg (4582 bytes)

As a tribute to any member of the Armed Forces of The United States Of America, MIA in Vietnam, I am proud to offer a free 8 X 10 picture of your loved one to any surviving family member free of charge.   There are no strings attached to this offer.  I will even pay the shipping charges to return the finished photo to you. Just send me the picture and the name as it appears on the Vietnam Memorial and I will create it in a transparency for you merged with your loved ones name on The Vietnam Memorial.  The original picture of the names on the wall is a copywrited picture so these pictures are not for sale.
Here is an example of what you will receive.
WO1  Dale Allan Pearce    MIA  17 MAY 1971
miaoffer.jpg (56630 bytes)

For specific questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail  me.
Click on thumbnails to see larger sized copy.
Pictures are not shown in 8 X 10 or high resolution to conserve space.
Original photos are always shown on left and restorations to the right of original

Colonel Gary G. Wright  United States Air Force  MIA  17 January 1967
  This picture was on the cover of the book "The Wall".  It depicts a Vietnam veteran holding up his young son to the Memorial touching the name of his grandfather Colonel Gary G. Wright,   U.S.A.F.  Colonel Wright was flying a F-4 Phantom over North Vietnam when he was reported Missing In Action on  17 January 1967.  Colonel Wright is also a Korean War Veteran and flew F-86 Saber Jets in Korea.   All these pictures were a gift to Colonel Wright's Son for the sacrifice he and his father made in service to his country.
t-ordie1.jpg (11308 bytes)
t-ordie2.jpg (18089 bytes) t-ordie3.jpg (17959 bytes) t-ordie4.jpg (6775 bytes)
t-ordie5.jpg (14255 bytes) t-ordie6.jpg (12914 bytes) t-ordie7.jpg (6877 bytes)
t-ordie8.jpg (7306 bytes) t-ordie9.jpg (6327 bytes) t-ordie10.jpg (13995 bytes)

WO1 Dale Allen Pearce  United States Army  MIA 17 May 71
The original of this was a pen and ink drawing of my friend, WO1 Dale Allen Pearce, MIA 17 May 71.  I changed it to a photograph, colorized it, added a background, and did a transparency with his name on the Vietnam Memorial.

t-dale1.jpg (2690 bytes) t-dale2.jpg (2681 bytes) t-dale3.jpg (2294 bytes) t-dale4.jpg (3348 bytes)

The original of this picture was black and white. This is also Dale Allen Pearce. A new background was added, the photo was colorized, and various examples are shown.

t-dalemil1.jpg (2585 bytes) t-dalemil2.jpg (2895 bytes) t-dalemil3.jpg (3112 bytes) t-dalemil4.jpg (2956 bytes)
t-dalemil5.jpg (2867 bytes) t-dalemil6.jpg (3061 bytes) t-dalemil7.jpg (3524 bytes)

Commander Richard Rich  United States Air Force  MIA  19 May 1967
This is Commander Richard Rich   U.S.N.  who was reported Missing In Action on  19 May 1967 while flying an F-4 Phantom over North Vietnam.  These pictures were done for free for my friend, Commander Rich's son.
He never knew his Dad.
Original picture of Commander Rich is not shown.

t-rich1.jpg (18167 bytes) t-rich2.jpg (9060 bytes) t-rich3.jpg (10307 bytes) t-rich4.jpg (8467 bytes)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

And When I Start To Feel The Pain

~You are of that is my desire
in of my soul you burn as fire~
~In that my groin you stir my seed
hard and firm I be in need~
~I lust for that within your legs
to drop the load so full my keg~
~To taste of that your Lips Divide
the nectar flowing from deep inside~
~To wrap your mouth around my Dick
as of my lips attach your clit~
~To drive you close to that insane
to hear you scream in pleasured pain~
~To know the softness of your Breast
to touch and kiss in gentle caress~
~Of that their Beauty be absolute
within my thought be no dispute~
~To drive myself inside of you
to know the warmth within you stew~
~To move it in and out with care
massage to climax I do not dare~
~And when I start to feel the pain
to be at ease I will refrain~
~Pull out I will and take a rest
return my tend to of your Breast~
~In that my lips take in delight
your nipples perfect and so ripe~
~With of my hand I’ll fondle you
keep you pleasured in all I do~
~Next in straddle you’ll take a ride
with you on top my Cock inside~
~As if a pro you’ll ride your Steed
in that my Cock will want to bleed~
~I’ll grab your ass and hold on tight
within my seed will fight for light~
~You’ll jerk and moan in pleasure be
my time too will come to me~
~I’ll make you cum in every way
from this the night into the day~
~And when the night has come to end
make love to you the day begins~
Duke Sherman


File:Vietnam POW Camps.jpg

MIA Facts Site

You have three choices:
  1.  Read this page; it's full of good stuff and, at the bottom, find a link to the Table of Contents;
2.  Click here for theTable Of Contents.

3. Click here for theWhat's Newpage.
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MIA Facts Site

by Joe Schlatter

Purpose of this site
This site is published to provide facts about  the issue of Americans who remain "missing in action" (MIA) from the Vietnam War.  At the conclusion of the Vietnam War,  2,583 Americans did not return.  A vast mythology has built up around what really happened to these individuals.   Misinformation, pseudo-history, and deliberate fabrication are  rampant.  As a result, myths are regularly proclaimed to be fact.  This site destroys those myths.

The Myths:

bullet Not all US POWs were released by their captors at the end of the Vietnam War.
bulletThe U.S. government knew that all POWs were not released.
bulletU.S. POWs remain in captivity today.
bulletThere is a conspiracy within the U. S. government to hide the continued imprisonment of Americans and, whenever the truth emerges, it is debunked.
bulletThe U.S. government is doing nothing to account for or recover missing men. 

The Facts:

bullet All U.S. POWs captured during the Vietnam War were released, either at Operation Homecoming (spring, 1973) or earlier. 
bulletThe only men captured and not released are 113 who died in captivity; their identities and the circumstances of their deaths are known; some of their remains have been recovered/returned..
bulletNo U. S. prisoners of war have been abandoned by the U. S. government.
bulletNo U.S POWs remained in captivity after the conclusion of Operation Homecoming.
bullet There is no conspiracy within the U. S. government to conceal the abandonment of prisoners of war (who were not abandoned in the first place).

bullet No U.S. POWs from Indochina were taken to the Soviet Union, China, or any other third country.
bulletThe U.S. government has been -- since well before the end of the Vietnam War -- exerting all possible efforts to recover or account for missing men.   That effort continues  today and is unprecedented in the history of warfare.

Those who promote these false claims have produced a vast array of half-truth, untruth, hearsay, unsubstantiated claims, personal attacks, and mythology.   The accumulated effect of years of nonsense has been exactly what one would expect: 
The big lie has been accepted as truth in some quarters.

How many Americans are "missing" in Southeast Asia?
At the end of Operation Homecoming in the Spring of 1973, 2,646 Americans did not return from Southeast Asia -- they were "unaccounted for."  Since then,  957 have been "accounted for" by (1) recovering and identifying remains; (2) return of a small number of individuals after Operation Homecoming; (3) recovering the remains of several individuals as a group whose remains are not separately identifiable.
Currently, 1,689 Americans are "unaccounted for" in Southeast Asia:

bulletVietnam:   1,296
bulletNorth Vietnam : 476
bulletSouth Vietnam : 820
bulletLaos :  328
bulletCambodia  :  58
bulletChina (territorial waters)  :  7
These figures were last updated on :  May 30, 2011
Figures include 468 at sea or overwater losses

Click here for details on the number of missing.
Click here to see a chart that lists the missing by service and by country of loss.