Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Have A Need

~I have but need for you tonight
to take of you in Love’s delight~
~Make Love to you of every way
on through the night into the day~
~To taste of that your sweet Desire
within my groins are set afire~
~To drink the nectar of your love
no sweeter on this earth thereof~
~To place my Shaft within your mouth
to feel your tongue go round and bout~
~Within that of a sixty-nine
my tongue in you your mouth round mine~
~So wet you are so good you taste
I’ll take in all as not to waste~
~Within my Shaft I’ll feel the pain
my nut be ready to begain~
~You’ll say let go you’ll take it in
and look at me with that a grin~
~In after then we’ll take a rest
make ready more for cums the best~
~I’ll penetrate so tight around
inside of you my climax bound~
~Bring you to the point of end
then hesitate again begin~
~I’ll make you moan I’ll make you beg
I’ll make you burn between your legs~
~My Shaft be hard my nut in pain
my blood runs hot within my veins~
~On through the night into the day
I’ll make you cum in every way~
~With that my tongue and of my Shaft
with that my finger in your ass~
~And when the light of day succumbs
we’ll close the drapes for more to cum~
Duke Sherman

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