Thursday, August 25, 2011

If Wishes Could Be

beauty 2
~If wishes could be that come true
my wish would be in that of you~
~You are of what perfection be
in that your heart in of I plea~
~Your beauty reins in all the land
you are the eye of every man~
~My every thought be that of you
in of my wish my heart be true~
~Sometime I gaze upon your lips
in ponder want to know your kiss~
~In of your eyes I look into
and know my  heart belongs to you~
~Your body shape brings thought to me
as that a Goddess the Heavens be~
~And every move in that you make
my heart skips beat my breath you take~
~Your voice is soft an Angel speaks
in that of ease you are mystique~
~And in the night I dream of you
within my dream my wish come true~
~In of my life would be complete
if that your heart with mine would meet~
~For what is Heaven would then exist
within my world be my bliss~
~In of my love has always been
for you and will be ‘til the end~
~In that your heart of that I plea
make true my wish for us to be~
~I give my promise to cherish you
in all I am and all I do~
~To love you more than life can be
you are my reason in that I breathe~
~To hold you in my arms and say
I love you Darling every day~
~To never wander in that of lust
in that I live forever trust~
~To never give you reason cry
in that my heart would surly die~
~And when I pass I promise you
in afterlife to love you too~
~You are of what perfection be
in that your heart in of I plea~
~Make be my wish come true to pass
in that my love be ever last~
Duke Sherman

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