Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Wish Upon A Star

~You are my life my love foretold
my reason be to grow old~ 
~The every beat of that my heart
within my soul my better part~
~Long ago upon a star
I wished my heart your Avatar~
~From that my dream a many night
you came to me of Heaven’s light~
~My heart grew full in that your love
within my soul a fire of~
~So hot it burnt in that of you
without your love I could not do~
~My wish upon the star that night
came true to of my heart’s delight~
~At first we met my heart knew you
my love for you already true~
~We fell in love within my Dream
within the light of Heaven’s stream~
~In all my life I had one wish
you are my wish my love my bliss~
~I love you Darling I do adore
with every day I love you more~
~And when our day it comes to end
to Heaven light we will ascend~
~Hand in hand together be
forevermore eternity~

Duke Sherman 
When you wish upon a star,Makes no difference who you are,Anything your heart desires,Will come to you.If your heart is in a dream,No request is to extreme,When you wish upon a star,as dreamers do.Fate is kind,She brings to those who love,The sweet fullfillment of their secret longing.Like a bolt out of the blue,fate steps in and sees you through.When you wish upon a star,Your dreams come true.

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