Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Heart : 3d red laminated heart sinking into dark water
~Of all the land in Vietnam
her beauty reigns the Maiden Khanh~
~Within my soul she is a fire
that burns so hot in of desire~
~From that I dream it’s her at night
of all her love my heart’s delight~
~Of sweet the taste in that her kiss
within her lips desires bliss~
~With just a smile she melts my heart
like that of butter I come apart~
~In every move in that she makes
another piece my heart she takes~
~Her hair like silk of color black
down to her shoulders onto her back~
~Her voice so soft as Angels sound
of when she speaks I’m Heaven bound~
~Her heart be pure in tenderness
and fills my life with happiness~
~In all this world in all the land
she is the heart of every man~
~And in my soul that fire burns
for that of Khanh my heart in yearn~
~My only wish in life to be
of Khanh to be in love with me~
~Her every whim be that my quest
in that I live I do attest~
~So this my wish I ask to be
bind our hearts eternity~
~Give me love give me Khanh
from that the land of Vietnam~
Duke Sherman

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