Tuesday, August 2, 2011

With Every breath

~My Darling~
~When I write upon these lines
you are the thought within my mind~
~With every breath in that I take
you give me reason for I wake~
~I live for you in all I do
I want for you in daytime through~
~And when we lay together night
I pray my God and hold you tight~
~Give thanks to him in blessing me
with you my Love my destiny~
~You are the light that guides my way
in that my life of every day~
~You are the blood that feeds my veins
you are of what that heals my pain~
~And when my mind becomes of rife
you take from me of all the strife~
~You are for me my evermore
in everlasting love adore~ 
~Within my heart there is but you
I love you Darling so much I do~
~No greater love in life can be
than that of you I have in me~
~For always know my love to be
‘til end of time eternity~
Duke Sherman

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