Sunday, July 31, 2011

I Beg You Be My Girl-

~Of all the wants within this world
I want for you to be my girl~
~As if my Queen you’d wear a Crown
your every whim my duty bound~
~I’d love you like no other could
give my life for you I would~
~Within my soul there burns a fire
for that of you I have desire~
~In that my heart it aches with love
I pray you mine to God above~
~Alone at night I sit in ponder
my every thought of you in wonder~
~I think of you your beauty reigns 
I think of you my heart in pain~
~And when I lay me down to sleep
you are my heart my soul to keep~
~I dream of you throughout the night
and think of you at first day’s light~
~You are my mind my every day
I love you in of every way~
~I promise you for I be true
eternity in I love you~
~I beg you now to be my girl
no more I want within this world~
~I love you~
Duke Sherman

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