Monday, July 18, 2011

Sadness Grows

~Sadness grows within my heart                              
pulling and tearing it apart~
~The fire that burned within my soul
has all but died and grown cold~
~I feel myself fading into abyss
my life in shambles and amiss~
~My love has left to have another
talking all worth living with her~
~I know not why another man
so hard I’ve tried to understand~
~My life is dim for that she was
my one and only true to love~
~The day we met I found to be
my soul was burning inside of me~
~She’d stolen my heart I was in love
she was everything to me I wanted of~
~Now she’s gone alone am I
within my mind I think to die~
~My friends they say no good was she
many more fish within the sea~
~My heart is broke beyond compare
I’ll not find another girl anywhere~
~Nor do I wish I want not of
my life to be another love~
~I am done my life's no more
ending as she walked out that door~
Duke Sherman                                                                                                                            

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