Thursday, July 7, 2011

I Love You Now And Forever

~My mind is full with thinking of
the many thoughts of that your love~
~How you took me from whence I came
to live in heartache I had surcame~
~As if an Angel appeared one day
you entered my heart was here to say~
~You showed me love you gave to me
such joy and happiness in all to be~
~You brought my soul from brink of Hell 
of all my suffering you did so quell~
~You ask for nothing but my love
I hear you pray to God above~
~I love you Darling for never doubt
to you my love it be devout~
~From day to night from night to day
no thought but you does come my way~
~I think your eyes I see in them
not but beauty Heaven within~
~You’re soft touch God gave to you
like a baby’s so soft and smooth~
~Angelically likened your beauty reigns
to end of time from whence begane~
~Of how we walk on Beach’s sand
while holding of each other’s hand~
~The feeling of that comes to me
wondrous in love all time to be~
~I think the times I watch you sleep 
and pray Dear God your heart I’ll keep~
~And when you wake first you smile
you’re all on earth makes life worthwhile~
~When my time comes to be it end
my final wish you hold my hand~
~To say good-bye my only love
I’ll wait for you in Heaven above~
~No happiness greater has ever been
than that of you from Heaven sent~
~I love you now forever be
for all time past eternity~
Duke Sherman

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