Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sweet Meal

Young Lovers - Romantic couple in lingerie with red rose on...

~In that I hunger in special treat
wondrous be of sweet~ 

~Juices flowing of that between
in of your legs within~ 

~Heated with that in of a fire
imbued in burning desire~ 

~Breast wings luscious thighs
of that inside nectar tide~

~In that to taste in of my tongue
taking in the total yum~

~Dinner be that in order of two
be special this meal for you~

~Of sausage thick be of your taste
stuffed in filling of lusting base~

~ Appetizers  be embrace in of kiss
teasing our buds mixing of spit~

~Taking our time enjoying the spread 
slowly in surly of hunger is fed~

~After awaits desert will there be
sweet in taste a delicacy~

~Best serve in being hot
flowing sweet begot~

~Be that in full so shall we eat
in of our meal sweet ecstasy~ 

~Of that be short my hunger regains
restarting the flame~

~Endearing again a meal made of lust 
sweet be the taste in making of love~

Duke Sherman

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