Thursday, July 7, 2011

Hard As Stone

~Hard as stone about to burst
to take of you I have a thirst~
~Throbbing base onto the knob
I’ll drive in you my giant Cobb~
~With every move you’ll make a moan
and beg for more my hard as stone~
~From whence it cums is very full
to make it last I’m going to pull~
~I’ll place between your wanting lips
around the head your tongue will whip~
~You’ll swallow down your slender throat
with great delight be your emote~
~I’ll feel the pleasure of the pain
satisfaction of need I’ll gain~
~You’ll squeeze the nut to slow the cum
then let go as I succumb~
~You’ll taste the seed wasting not a drop
licking the Cobb like a Lollipop~ 
~I’ll not be done selfish I’m not
to make you cum I also want~
~I’ll lay you down and tease your clit
with my tongue and between my lips~
~Body twitching I’ll hear you say
give it to me Baby in every way~ 
~My tongue will find it’s way inside
and taste of juices from your divide~
~I’ll make you squirm you’ll beg for more
causing all sensations in you to soar~
~Three fingers in my tongue on clit
within my mouth it’s bound to spit~
~The taste so sweet beyond compare
the want for more is always there~
~I’ll take you for another ride
I’ll enter that your sweet divide~
~In and out around and ‘bout
with every motion I’ll hear you shout~
~So good it is you must cum in
so close I’ll be I will begin~
~I’ll feel your nails dig in my back
as I suck the nipples upon your Rack~
~You’ll scream in pleasure as we cum
satisfaction both we will succumb~
Duke Sherman

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