Sunday, July 10, 2011

Car Number Sixty-nine

~As I await the time to be
I sit and dream in fantasy~
~Within my thoughts are all of you
and this tonight our rendezvous~
~With that my endless imagination
vibrates my each and every sensation~
~Within my groins hard is throbbing
with every thought forever longing~
~My seed is full in need of escape
from within the confines it’s rounding shape~
~My heart is racing out of control
a fire burning within of my soul~
~My lust is building I cannot bare
the fire within beginning to flare~
~The time is near your arrival to be
to join with me in Ecstasy~
~We’ll ride upon the train of love
destination being Satisfaction of~
~The best of tables of which we’ll dine
while traveling in car number Sixty-nine~
~For appetizers we’ll start with that a kiss
tasting every delight from within the lips~
~The meal to be served dinner for two
you’ll eat of me I’ll eat of you~
~We’ll enjoy for desert a dish called Desire
heated to perfection over Love’s burning fire~
~Making sweet love we’ll sip of fine wine
in that of car number Sixty-nine~
~Throughout the night and part of the day
we’ll find ourselves pleasured in every which way~
~We’ll cuddle and kiss make memories to be
of this our night in sweet Ecstasy ~
~The time will come the end of the line
our wondrous trip in car number Sixty-nine~
~Endless it’s true that my imagination
ready I am for our trip to Satisfaction~
Duke Sherman

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