Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My Avalon

~Oh my Darling I love you so
whence a time so long ago~
~Within my heart still burns a fire
for that your love my only desire~
~You bring me joy such happiness
with that you are of tenderness~
~Within yourself an Angel dwells
for all my worries you do expel~
~I reminisce of days gone by
within my heart but amplifies~
~Adorned are you my heart is of
beyond compare is that my love~
~Within my being I know it true
all that is my life is you~
~For if it were you not to be
to end would be my destiny~
~You give me hope when all is gone
you are to me my Avalon~
~As if King Arthur in need of Heart
you keep my world from coming apart~
~You fill my days with that of love
you are my life the reason of~
Duke Sherman

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