Friday, July 22, 2011

As I Sat My Mind In Wander

~As I sat my mind in wander
I fell to that of Daytime slumber~
~I found my self embraced in kiss
in that of yours I often wish~
~So wet your lips were to their touch
so sweet the taste I took in much~
~Within my thoughts you said to me
your love for me would always be~
~We planned our life to live as one
to never part ‘til life be done~
~Awoke I did to find I dreamt 
so real to me so did it sempt~
~If I could change reality
instead of him you’d be with me~
~I’ll live my life in loneliness
to never know your tenderness~
~Nor feel the passion in of you kiss
within my heart I often wish~
~Never to find in life a mate
to die alone will be my fate~
~Within my life will never be
another love to be of me~
Duke Sherman

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