Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We Met In A Dream

~Hello my Darling how do you do
you know me not but I know you~
~We met one day within a dream
underneath the Moonlight’s beam~
~I reminisce your tender kiss
sweet the taste within your lips~
~Your beauty reigned in the night
underneath the Moon so bright~
~We walked the Beach upon the sand
as two lovers hand in hand~
~You stole my heart in that of Love
within this dream I’m speaking of~
~Awake am I you’re here with me
could this be our destiny~
~In all my years I’ve loved but one
from that night forward I’ve been alone~
~So long it’s been since that my dream
your beauty in awe still reigns supreme~
~So real my dream as so are you
please believe I love you do~
~Now I ask you be my date
for within my heart I know it’s fate~
~My heart be yours as always been
forever in life until it ends~
~For God in all his Glory be
has set our paths to destiny~
Duke Sherman

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