Saturday, July 2, 2011

For Eternity and Next A Day

~No life have I with not of you
I say you this my Darling true~
~I love you more than words be said
you are for me my daily bread~
~The blood that flows within my veins
and all there is that keeps me sane~
~The every beat of that my heart
the strength my soul you are rampart
~The air of which that I must breath
to keep your love I would bequeath~
~The sun that warms and gives Day light
the very moon that shines at night~
~The stars that guide the sailor’s way
the beauty their marvel on display~
~My every wonder is that of you
 my reasoning for all of that I do~
~For you my Darling are my life
loving you but grows in rife~
~No life have I with not of you
life without you I would not do~ 
~All I mentioned this poem above
cannot compare how great my love~
~I love you more than words can say
for all eternity and next a day~
Duke Sherman

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