Thursday, July 14, 2011

Afternoon Delight

~No need to wait until tonight
I hunger now for your delight~
~Within my mouth there grows a taste
for that in heat below your waist~
~My Nut is ripe in need to crack
relieve the pressure within my sack~
~Between my legs no longer rest
ever hardens and stands erect~
~Withstand the wait I cannot do
my need is that of having you~
~To lay you down and partake
 of that the Honey between your legs~
~To have you mouth my pleasure pump
and tickle my Nut sack so ever plump~
~With tongue I'll enter in and out
while I rub your Bud round and ‘bout~
~I’ll make you scream and beg for more
as your every fiery sensation soars~
~Within you mouth you’ll take me in
driving my senses to Heaven’s end~
~We’ll take delight in pleasure’s taste
taking our time as not to waste~
~Then with my tool I’ll enter you
mixing fluids as making of roux~
~I’ll bring you climax to points beyond
cumming many times over in marathon~
~No need to wait until tonight
let’s partake of Afternoon Delight~
Duke Sherman

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  1. Wow! ! Amazing .....I. really enjoy reading these!