Saturday, July 9, 2011

Twenty-four Hours Is Not Enough

Honeymoon Couple Married Couple Sweet Couple in Love
~I love you Darling I love you true
I love to make sweet love to you~
~To bend you over and adhear
to enter you in like a steer~
~To stand with you in front of me
with head in that between my knees~
~To bed you down and taste of you
and pleasure you in all I do~
~To enter you from under me
and drive it in as far it be~
~To have you ride me like a Steed
and drain from me my every seed~
~To hear the music of when you cum
my heart does beat as loud a drum~
~And when alas we come to rest
to know you’re mine is all the best~
~I love to cuddle hold you tight
just be with you in day and night~
~To walk the beach with hand in hand
and splash the waters come to the sand~
~To hear your words in that you say
I love you Darling how was your day~
~To watch you walk you have a shake
exciting me every step you make~
~Twenty-four hours is not enough
to give to you of all my love~
Duke Sherman

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