Monday, July 4, 2011

Take Me

~Take me my Darling I am but yours
treat me like that of a Manwhore~
~Abuse me at will in all of your want
tonight you are but my Commandant ~
~All that you wish will be my command
I’ll pleasure you Darling all to the end~
~Order me darling to suck on each tit
go down on you low and lick of your clit~
~Lay on my back so you can partake
from that of my groins the Strawberry Snake~ 
~Position our bodies to mimic Six Nine
I’ll drink of your juices as if they were wine~
~I feel myself cumming my body does shake
you're taking in Venom from that of the snake~
~Not missing a drop you swallow it down
 licking it’s head all the way round~
~Body massage you’re commanding me of
I’ll pleasure your body in pure amorous~
~After the Snake will enter his Den
slithering sliding all the way in~
~Wrapping your legs around that of my Ass
you’ve lock me in motion in that of your grasp~
~Motioning slow making pleasure prolong
I hear in my head “Hey Jude” the song~
~Your legs are now tightening cumming are you
so difficult to hold I must do too~
~I’m cumming I’m cumming I hear you cry
me too me too I say so am I~
~My Darling my Mistress my total of all
as a Manwhore for you to my knees do I fall~
~Now reversing our roles first order to be
on your knees Darling here in front of me~
Duke Sherman

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