Monday, July 25, 2011

My Dream My Every Night

~Without you my life would be
that which has no destiny~
~From first we met a fire burned
within my soul for you I yearned~
~I knew that day within my heart
my love for you would never part~
~Imagine not I cannot do
in life go on without of you~
~Of that the years of days gone past
our love’s but grown in ever last~
~You are the light that is my day
the stars in night that guide my way~
~You are the hope that feeds my soul
from that your heart the goodness flows~
~You give me strength when I am weak
you comport me when times are bleak~
~You are the dream my every night
the first my thought in morning light~
~My love my life and all that is
my dream come true my Heavens wish~
~I love you as with all my life
I thank my God you are my wife~
Duke Sherman

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