Sunday, July 17, 2011

Your Steed Awaits

~Make love to me for I’m in need
so full my nut from that my seed~
~From within my groin there lies a pain
to full erection it’s been attained~
~Come lay with me we’ll take the night
and satisfy our every delight~
~I’ll taste within Vagina’s spot 
an aphrodisiac to waist of not~
~You’ll taste of me and swallow down
and lick my Pony all the round~
~You’ll take a ride upon my Steed
and onto climax we will proceed~
~You’ll drive it in and drive it out
you’ll move in motion round and ‘bout~
~The ride be wild your grip be tight
you’ll ride this pony in through the night~
~From within my nut I’ll feel the pain
within my thought I must refrain~
~When does the time it cums to be
the pleasure be great in ecstasy~
~The ride be long the pleasure excite
we’ll make it last through out the night~
~And when it come the light of day
we’ll lye together in dismay~
~We’ll take of time to be with us
forever more in that of lust~
~Make love again into the day
my Darling I love you in every way~
~Your Steed awaits he stands erect
for that of you so warm and wet~
~So mount your steed and let’s begin 
our night to that of never end!
Duke Sherman

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