Saturday, July 2, 2011

I Hunger

~A hunger grows inside of me
to satisfy my lusting seed~
~To take you in my bed tonight
to feed on that your love’s delight~
~To spread your wings from whence it hides
taste sweet nectar from inside~
~The Shaft your hand and head your mouth
you’ll swirl your tongue around and ‘bout~
~Pleasure succumbs us climax we do
you’ll taste me and I’ll taste you~
~Smiles both upon each our face
our hearts speeding as if in race~
~We’ll cuddle in kiss and playful touch
exciting each other so very much~  
~At a stance again hard as a rock
I’ll enter your body with it in lock~
~Missionary Pony and Doggy style too
all through the night I’ll make love to you~
~Satisfying in climax each and every time
driving us both pleasurably out of our mind~
~When all is done we’ll shower together
where we’ll make love in that of lather~
~All through the night and through the day
I’ll make love to you in every way~
~Fulfilling my hunger with that your love
for desert I think I’ll have more of~
Duke Sherman

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