Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Protect Us God

 North Vietnam
South Vietnam
~Dear Lord in Heaven hear my prayer
I fear my death be ever near~
~As I walk the fields this terrible war
my mine is filled with that of horror~
~Painted the ground with human blood
saturated such it’s turned to mud~
~Too many men have met their death 
beneath the ground they lay at rest~
~We now await the enemy come
I pray my death be not succumb~
~My God In Heaven I pray of you
to help me make this battle through~
~I ask my God protect us all
and not allow our Soldiers fall~
~Give us strength to force retreat
and cause the enemy to take defeat~
~And in the end to walk away
to live again another day~
~To end this war and bring on peace
and Hell on earth no longer be~
~Allow us God see home again
 be with family and our friends~
~To know again my Lover’s touch
I’ve missed her Oh so very much~
~My child born thee years ago
to this day I do not know~
~To take her in my arms and say
your Daddy’s home and here to stay~
~To taste of that a home cooked meal
and know again a soft bed’s feel~
~I thank you God for hearing my prayer
and lessening that of which I fear~
Sgt Duke Sherman
Vietnam Veteran

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