Saturday, July 30, 2011

One Simple Kiss

~One thing I ask of you for this
grant my wish a simple kiss~
~You are my dream my every thought
my heart in wander you besought~
~Deep down my soul so hot afire
burns for you in love’s desire~
~I reminisce our days of past
of first we met I was aghast~
~As if a Queen your beauty reigned
within my heart my love you pained~ 
~I love you now as I did then
within my heart will never end~ 
~You are my wish my every wish
upon a star for just one kiss~
~To hold you in my arms and say
 I love you Darling in every way~
~So many years my heart has cried
so long this fire has burned inside~
~You are the one and only girl
within my heart in all this world~
~To love another will never be
my love for you eternity~
~Before I die I ask this wish
grant to me one simple kiss~
Duke Sherman

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