Sunday, July 3, 2011


~When Doomsday comes I want to be
with my lover next to me~
~So to hold her tight and say goodbye
to comport her in our demise~
~The horrors are of which to come
in Hell on earth will we succumb~
~Earthquakes Hellwinds Tsunamis too
setting afire tearing our world in two~
~Death destruction end of life to be
those knowing God praying on knees~
~Rapturing of those believers to Heaven
leaving sinners behind all unforgiven~
~I’ll take my lover within my grasp
and hold her as tight in ever last ~
~When we’re taken we’ll go together
as in life in after will be forever~
~We’ll enter God’s Kingdom hand in hand
before our Lord together we’ll stand~
~For those the Sinners all left behind
no peace in Hell are they to find~
~Forewarned by God so long ago
Apocalypse our world was foretold~ 
~Fire and Brimstone awaiting the wicked
never ending pain and suffering explicit~
 ~Retrieve your soul and say your prayers
Doomsday is coming you must prepare~
~Time is short it will be soon
the world is destined to meet its doom~
Duke Sherman

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