Sunday, July 3, 2011

Forgive Me If I Stare

~Forgive me Darling if I stare
my need so great I cannot bare~
~Excite you do between my legs
so hard it is as if to beg~
~From deep within I feel the pain
so full the seed relief must gain~
~Invite I do you to my bed
to take within my throbbing head~
~To penetrate you deep inside
and take you on a wondrous ride~
~I’ll taste of that your sweet delight
tempting your pleasure through the night~
~When time it does you are to cum
I’ll drink of it as if were Rum~
~Satisfied you’ll lay me back
~with caress you’ll touch my sack~
~You’ll take your mouth around my Joint
sucking within you will anoint~
~Your head in motion of up and down
with tongue inside round and round~  
~The climax close you say let go
within your mouth I’ll shoot my load~
~You’ll look at me and swallow down
the protein you’ll say is world renown~
~I’ll smile at you and say you bet
tonight my Darling there’s no regret~
~Next you’ll take your ride on me
destined to that of sweet ecstasy~
~Taking my all deep inside of you
asking me Baby whatcha want me to do~
~Ride um Cowgirl this I’ll say
take me to Heaven in every way~
~I’ll reach around and grab your Butt
while you bring me close to another nut~
~I’ll not let go this cumming load
until your mighty Bronc’s been rode~ 
~You’ll say to me the time has come
to let go your load together we’ll cum~
~The night will end but you will stay
to make love again throughout the day~
Duke Sherman

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