Thursday, July 28, 2011

'Til End Of Time Eternity

~So full my heart that is of love
in that for you is always of~
~So hot the fire within me burns
in that desire of you I yearn~
~So blessed am I by God above
from heaven sent to me your love~
~From first we met of this I knew
life without you I could not do~
~I love you more than life itself
worth more to me than all man’s wealth~
~You bring to me but happiness
make love to me in tenderness~
~You take from me that all is bad
make me laugh when I am sad~
~When I am weak you make strong
show me right whence I am wrong~
~My love but grows with every day
for you my love in every way~
~To live my life with not of you
a thousand deaths I rather do~
~Before your love I had no life
my days were full so much of strife~
~I often wished for my demise
thought myself of suicide~
~You came to me changed all to be
you saved my life my destiny~
~Now I drop my knees and pray
and thank my God for every day~
~You are my day my every night
you are for me my guiding light~
~For I was blind I could not see
you lit my path my life to be~
~I love you Darling you take my breath
and will my Darling ‘till day my death~
~’Till end of time eternity
my love for you will always be~
~For as in life the afterlife
forevermore you are my wife~
Duke Sherman   

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