Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Of Heaven's Bliss


~I beg your lips
to quench my taste~
~Of Heaven’s Bliss
within embrace~
~To feel your breath
imbue my soul~
~Against my flesh
my body whole~
~To know your love
belongs to me~
~Ignites my blood
in ecstasy~
~The fire burns
so very hot~
~You are my yearn
my only thought~
~My every dream
my all of sleep~
~My body screams
my hunger pleads~
~For your embrace
in Heaven’s Bliss~
~My senses beg
for your sweet kiss~
Duke Sherman

She's But A Dream


~She’s but a dream
of long ago~
~A dream of she
who stole my soul~
~Imbued my heart
with hungered lust~
~My veins in charred 
with fired blood~
~Of heat so great
but yet so sweet~
~My mind of state
was ecstasy~
~My thoughts were her’s
for her Command~
~Her every verse
was my Demand~
~She went away
 some time ago~
~My mind betrayed
she stole my soul~
~Many of score
has come to past~
~No dreams of more
since they of last~
~My nights are cold
within my sleep~
~She stole my soul
forever keep~
~My hunger soars
without relief~
~Within my core
so do I bleed~
~I long for her
for what she was~
~My dreams of stir
so full of lust~
~To feel the warmth
to know her touch~
~Within my arms
of making love~
~She’s but a dream
of long ago~
~A dream of she
who stole my soul~
Duke Sherman

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Our Love Will Soar


~In times are bleak

and pitching dark~
~It’s you I seek
and Dawn Embarks~
~Deep in my soul
a fire burns~
~Ten times the fold
it’s you I yearn~
~Within my heart
you coincide~
~You are the spark
that is my life~
~You are what is
my dream come true~
~To taste your kiss
my hunger brews~
~To hold you close
within embrace~
~My hunger grows
to interface~
~To feel your touch
your tenderness~
~To know your Love
your passioness~
~To be your mate
~To emulate
my hunger for~
~You are what is
my dream come true~
~My every wish
my life renewed~
~My very Peace
~My life’s reprieve
~I love you more
than love can be~
~One hundred score
~You light my way
and take the dark~
~In every way
you are my heart~
~My life is yours
to command~
~My hunger Roars
to be your man~
~To be your Knight
of Dragons slay~ 
~Me Lady’s side
to be my place~
~To hold you safe
from all what harms~
~In my Embrace
of grasping arms~
~Unto the end
of what time is~
~When we ascend
to Soulful’s Bliss~
~Our love entwined
forever last~
~In God’s Design
of Angel’s cast~
~When Heaven rains
~On Earth be drained
~To ride the stars
of Heaven’s Cape~
~To hear the Harps
of Angel’s made~
~I love you more
than love can be~
~One hundred score
and more the day~
~Our Love will soar
in God’s array~
Duke Sherman

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Blackhorse 'O Blackhorse


~Blackhorse 'O Blackhorse
you are my strength~
~The very source
my life of length~
~You bestowed me Honor
for I would die~
~You taught me power
and I survived~
~Many Battles fought
ground into mud~
~For Freedom’s sought
by our Brother’s blood~
~We never gave up
attacking with force~
~We were the Blackhorse
the enemy’s judge~
~Admit no defeat
to the death we would fight~
~There was no retreat
for the Blackhorse’s might~
~Into Battle we’d yell
“To the Devil’s Watch-
We thrust you to Hell”
~Where your Master dwells
in Satin’s crotch~
~One hundred of us
ten thousand of you~
~Your blood be our lust
‘til every last slew~
~One by one ten by ten
we fell them to the ground~
~Sending them to Satin’s Den
by our Duty bound~
~We are the Blackhorse
our Battles we choose~
~The mightiest of Force
no Battle we loose~
~For God and Country
for Freedom’s way~
~We take our Bounty
by night by day~
~By almighty God
their blood we spewed~
~As be a Lighting rod
killing multitudes~
~Cleansing the Evil 
that haunts the land~
~The Blackhorse be Lethal
by God’s mighty hand~
~To my Blackhorse Brethren
a Mighty Hoo-ah~
~To my enemy’s aggression
 Shock and Awe~

Duke Sherman

Monday, September 24, 2012


~She is of what
my reason be~
~No if or but
my destiny~
~She owns my heart
she warms my soul~
~She is the part
that makes me whole~
~I love her like
there is no end~
~She is my life
my soul’s transcend~
~My private piece 
of poetry~
~My heart’s reprieve
forever be~
~God shined his light
and blessed me so~
~Renewed my life
and made me whole~
~In Marlin’s love
he gifted me~
~An Angel of
~My praying wish
of every night~
~Her Souling’s Bliss 
she changed my life~
~No longer dark
in loneliness~
~She fills my heart
with tenderness~
~In all she is
she is of all~
~My every wish
of Heaven’s call~
~My mate of soul
she is my life~
~She made me whole
became my wife~
~Forever be 
‘til death do part~
~I promise she
be in my heart~
~In after that
in Heavens Cape ~
~Forever last
she be my mate~
~I pray my God
with thanks of love~
~To never not
want more than of~
~She is my all 
my everything~
~My heaven’s call
she wears my ring~
~I love you Marlin~
Duke Sherman

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My One Big Love


~You are my heart you are my soul
the essence of my life~
~You are the part that makes me whole
my every reason why~
~You own my thoughts the all of day
and rule my dreams of night~
~And when I kneel to God I pray
to keep you in his sight~
~You are the flame that lights my life
and guides me in the dark~
~When I am wrong you show me right
always with regard~
~When I am sad you bring me joy
laughter takes it’s place~
~When I am angry and annoyed
you put a smile on my face~
~When I am ill you make me well
taking little sleep~
~Within your soul an Angel dwells
watching over me~
~You are my one my all my everything
no more could I want of~
~I need you more than anything
you are my one big love~
Duke Sherman

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

To Know The Taste Of Ecstasy


‘O my Darling My hunger grows
feeding passions flame~
~Desire burns within my soul
crying out your name~
~I long to hold you close to me
embraced within a kiss~
~To know the taste of ecstasy
ride the wings of bliss~
~Fulfilling each of our desires
burning deep within~
~Melding souls in passions fire
touching skin to skin~
~I long to feel your fire burn
deep within your core~
~To satisfy your every yearn
make you beg for more~ 
~To hear the music of our cries
reaching passions peak~
~Soaring higher than the highest high
tasting ecstasy~
~To fall asleep entwined in love
knowing you are mine~
~No greater wish do I have of
forever end of time~
~I love you with my all of soul
need you even more~
~’O my Darling my hunger grows
you are my life’s adore~
~I long to hold you close to me
embraced within a kiss~
~To know the taste of ecstasy
ride the wings of bliss~
~You are my one and only love
no other could there be~
~I dream of you in all these of
you are my fantasy~
Duke Sherman

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Questing For The Prize


~My heart it aches my soul it burns
with every thought of you~
~My hunger grows my body yearns
throbbing though and through~
~I long to hold your tenderness
touch your lips to mine~
~Inhale the essence of your breath
tongues be intertwined~
~Enchanting me with Passions brew
stirring in your kiss~
~Endlessly flowing the nectar’s dew
within your pouting lips~
~In my veins there burns a fire
imbuing me with lust~
~Igniting flames of pure desire
boiling in my blood~
~I long to quench my hungers pain
soothe the fires burn~
~Embrace the passion of the flames
feeding on my yearns~
~To touch the beauty of your breast
nipples high in rise~
~Mere the thought it takes my breath
wetting my appetite~
~To trace your body’s loveliness
every sultry curve~
~Hunting each of your erogenous
marking every nerve~
~Kissing caressing your naked flesh
drawing hungry sighs~
~Descending down your tenderness
questing for the prize~
~The fruit of passion nectar of love
nestled between your thighs~
~To drink the flavor there in of
cumming from inside~
~Feel the quivers as you squeeze
bathing me in bliss~
~As you loose yourself in ecstasy 
my sucking on your clit~
~I long the music of your song
crying out my name~
~Gasping for air as I prolong
driving you insane~
~The way you push against my mouth
begging for my tongue~
~My slipping it in and round about
drinking all you cum~
~In end to hear you sigh relief
as I mount your frame~
~And ride the wings of ecstasy
burning passions flame~
~Cumming together the whole of night
dancing loves ballet~
~Unto the dawn of mornings light
reaching into day~
~To fall asleep entwined as one
and find the others dream~
~Imbued with all that we have spun
within our passions stream~
Duke Sherman