Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Questing For The Prize


~My heart it aches my soul it burns
with every thought of you~
~My hunger grows my body yearns
throbbing though and through~
~I long to hold your tenderness
touch your lips to mine~
~Inhale the essence of your breath
tongues be intertwined~
~Enchanting me with Passions brew
stirring in your kiss~
~Endlessly flowing the nectar’s dew
within your pouting lips~
~In my veins there burns a fire
imbuing me with lust~
~Igniting flames of pure desire
boiling in my blood~
~I long to quench my hungers pain
soothe the fires burn~
~Embrace the passion of the flames
feeding on my yearns~
~To touch the beauty of your breast
nipples high in rise~
~Mere the thought it takes my breath
wetting my appetite~
~To trace your body’s loveliness
every sultry curve~
~Hunting each of your erogenous
marking every nerve~
~Kissing caressing your naked flesh
drawing hungry sighs~
~Descending down your tenderness
questing for the prize~
~The fruit of passion nectar of love
nestled between your thighs~
~To drink the flavor there in of
cumming from inside~
~Feel the quivers as you squeeze
bathing me in bliss~
~As you loose yourself in ecstasy 
my sucking on your clit~
~I long the music of your song
crying out my name~
~Gasping for air as I prolong
driving you insane~
~The way you push against my mouth
begging for my tongue~
~My slipping it in and round about
drinking all you cum~
~In end to hear you sigh relief
as I mount your frame~
~And ride the wings of ecstasy
burning passions flame~
~Cumming together the whole of night
dancing loves ballet~
~Unto the dawn of mornings light
reaching into day~
~To fall asleep entwined as one
and find the others dream~
~Imbued with all that we have spun
within our passions stream~
Duke Sherman

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