Sunday, June 24, 2012

Slow And Deep


~Let me kiss you slow and deep
taste your sweet delight~
~Let me take you in my keep
make love to you tonight~
~Let me whisper in your ear
words of tenderness~
~Let me make your body sear
in heated passioness~
~Let me touch your perfect breast
shapely as a pear~
~Bouncing playfully on your chest
posing in the bare~
~Let me trace your every curve
slowly in descent~
~Caressing kisses exciting nerves
sensations in ascent~
~Marking each erogenous zone
with hungry little bites~
~Savoring the song of every moan
wetting my appetite~
~Inhaling the flavor of your scent
a sweet and musky extract~
~Causing my senses to transcend
like an aphrodisiac~
~Hungering to taste of Passions fruit
nestled between your thighs~
~To drink the nectar from the root
brewing deep inside~
~I long to hear your body scream
giving in to me~
~Emerged within the Passions stream
reaching ecstasy~
~To make sweet love in every way
through the all of night~
~Quenching hungers in Loves Ballet
lost in Paradise~
Duke Sherman

1 comment:

  1. Very sensuous poem... I like this one a lot :)