Sunday, June 3, 2012

'O So Sweet The Pain


~Consumed by lust my hunger yearns
my body aches for her~
~The blood within my veins it burns
passions begin to stir~
~My heart it races skipping beats
pounding in my chest~
~Endorphins flow feeding the heat
my body begins to sweat~
~I take her in my arms embrace
pull her close to me~
~Brush the softness of her face
‘O so tenderly~
~Run my fingers through her hair
looking in her eyes~
~No more the beautiful anywhere
to this I testify~
~I taste the sweetness of her kiss
the flavor of her tongue~
~The juices flowing from her lips
passions venom spun~
~Hypnotizing my senses intoxicating me
hungering ever more~
~Feeding the flames of passions heat
raining from my pores~
~I squeeze and suck her rounded breast
teasing her nipples hard~
~Her breathing long shallow hungry breaths
I can feel her beating heart~
~I kiss I caress her all of length
quenching in her sweat~
~Inhale her sweet and sultry scent
as I reach my hungered quest~
~I enter the regions of forbidden fruit
hidden within her thighs~
~The sacred river feeding the root
flowing deep inside~
~I sample the fruit I hunger for
sweetest of the sin~
~Drink the nectar of the core
cumming from within~
~Making her body scream aloud
jerking violently~
~Floating high above the clouds
on the wings of ecstasy~
~My hunger demands a cumming turn
she takes my hard in mouth~
~Sucks it down I feel the churn
my seed is cumming out~
~She blows my hard as if a flute
bringing on the gain~
~Sucking and swallowing all the juice
‘O so sweet the pain~
~The night is young our stamina great
as is our appetite~
~Our bodies are strong and emulate
to making love all night~
Duke Sherman

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