Saturday, June 9, 2012

Know Your Touch Again


~My hunger grows to be with you
aching from within~
~To meet once more our rendezvous
and know your touch again~
~To hold you in my arms embrace
and taste your lips of wine~
~Two hearts as one out of pace
loosing track of time~
~To trace the contours of your shape
mapping every curve~
~Hunting the erogenous of your scape
enticing every nerve~
~To kiss your neck in tenderness
whispering words of love~
~Hear you sigh beneath your breath
longing for more of~
~My body hungers my senses soar
tasting your silky skin~
~Your every noise excites me more
burning deep within~
~To kiss the beauty of your breast
shapely as the pear~
~Stare a moment and take a breath
of beauty beyond compare~
~Continue my journey in descent
questing for the prize~
~Inhale your sweet and sultry scent
wetting my appetite~
~Between the thighs forbidden fruit
planted deep within~
~A nectar sweet flows from the root
the sweetest of all sins~
~To drink my fill of natures brew
cumming from inside~
~Not wasting a drop of precious spew
running down your thighs~
~To hold you close in my embrace
making love all night~
~Two hearts as one out of pace
lost in paradise~
Duke Sherman

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