Saturday, December 31, 2011

Feel You In My Soul

~In that I hunger be in of
the sweetness of your kiss~
~My body craves your tender touch
caressing of your lips~
~To hold you in of Love’s embrace
never letting go~
~Kiss the beauty of your face
feel you in my soul~
~Your eyes are in of Heavens cape
twinkling of the stars~
~Like that be of the sunning rays
warming of my heart~
~Your lips are sweet of my desire
longing in of kiss~
~In that be setting my soul afire
basking in of bliss~
~Your hair be long of shoulder length
glimmering in the light~
~The hint of Rose be in your scent
taking me of flight~
~Of that your neck be long in slender
capturing in of grace~
~Skin of silk in soft of tender
perfect every way~
~In that I map you of caress
marking your every curve~
~You are in vision of loveliness
defining the very word~
~Of that you are my every wish
in that I hunger of~
~I crave the sweetness of your kiss
the tender in your touch~
~To hold you in of Love’s embrace
never letting go~
~Kiss the beauty of your face
feel you in my soul~
Duke Sherman

Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year

Soon the "New Year"
will be here~
Time to forget the past
and look forward to what
will come to pass
The night skies will illuminate
with bright
and beautiful lights
We will all forget the "Old Acquaintance"
And sing ""Auld Lang Syne"
We'll give Repentance
All friends of mine
We'll have some Champaign
and feel no pain
Bring in the New Year
and throw out the old!
We'll no longer fear
from the old Year
And when the lights go amiss
we'll give our girls a kiss
All of us renewed
no longer will we feud
We'll live in peace
all fighting will cease
Happy New Year My Friends
Duke Sherman

Unto The Very End


~I want to know your Passion’s fire
burning deep inside~
~Indulge in of your deep desires
lay with you the night~
~Embrace you in of warming kiss
tongues entwined in dance~
~Enter that of Passion’s bliss
lost within her trance~
~Kiss the softness of your skin
in slender of your neck~
~Feel you quiver from within
when I touch your breast~
~Suck your nipples firm in rise
rosen red in nibbed~
~Protruding in of tantalize
escaping not my lips~
~Caress your body in of length
mapping every curve~
~Inhale your sweet in sultry scent
exiting sensual nerves~
~Round the regions of your ass
exploring sweet delights~
~Tasting of the fruited path
unto your inner thighs~
~Nibble on forbidden’s fruit
ripening of the vine~
~Drink of that be from her root
Passion’s lusty wine~
~In penetrate your gardens bed
feel your inner flame~
~Deep inside so warm in wet
bringing on the pain~
~Hear your every moan in sigh
say my name in lust~
~Feel the quivering of your thighs
in that be cumming of~
~Hear your heart beat in your chest
singing in of rhyme~
~As I lay my head your breast
high on Passion’s wine~
~Fall asleep be of embraced
entwined in that be of~
~Our fingers locked be interlaced
dreaming of our Love~ 
~Wake the morning feeling spry 
in making Love again~
~Hear you quiver moan in sigh
unto the very end~
Duke Sherman

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Abstinence Of Love

~Young in hungry be of lust
we fight the urge each day~
~Of that be of in making love
in time for we will wait~
~We sit in hug in that of kiss
hearts of skipping beats~
~In that of touching of our lips
sometimes of growing weak~
~In that of love we find the strength
quelling of our lust~
 ~In that be of in going the length
in waiting be in of~
~Plans we make in of our lives
together we will be~
~In that of love we sacrifice
waiting in purity~
~Unto of that our Wedding day
we live in abstinence~
~In that we trust in every way
our love will but transcend~
~She is of that my heart my soul
my beginning in my end~
~The one with whom I will grow old
my very best of friend~
~I love her more than one can say
she is my everything~
~In that my love for I will wait
until she wears my ring~
Duke Sherman

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Midnight Fantasy

~You are in that my heart’s desire
my wish upon a star~
~In that of lust you are my fire
burning of afar~
~Of one in only be longing of
imbuing of my soul~
~In that be of undying love
never growing cold~
~My one in Midnight fantasy
the burn within my crave~
~The flame be in of ecstasy
hunger be enraged~
~I long to hold you of embrace
sizzle in of kiss~
~Touch the softness of your face
caressing with my lips~
~Hear the rhythm of your heart
playing in your chest~
~Each beat of igniting Lovers spark
flaming in your breast~
~Feel your breath my naked skin
tremor of desire~
Explore your body’s loveliness
mapping every curve~
~Tasting in your tenderness
touching erotic nerves~
~Feed your lust be of desire
smoldering of within~
~Fueling your every inner fire
shimmering in your skin~
~Hear your Passion sing in sigh
burning in your soul~
~Ecstasy of be pure delight
quivering in of whole~
Fulfill your deepest of desire
grant your every lust~
~Melding souls in Passion’s fire
entwined of making love~
~Hold you tight within my arms
in never let you go~
~Of precious memories being spun
within of heart in soul~
~Fall to sleep of hand in hand
touching in of love~
Duke Sherman

Monday, December 26, 2011

I Long To Feel

~I long to feel the shivers of
your sweet in tender skin~
~In that be of in making Love
quivering from within~
~Slowly nibble down your length
nipping here in there~
~Inhale your sweet in sultry scent
of that your body bare~
~Hear you murmur welcome sighs
feel your body sear~
~Explore your sweet in Derriere
unto your inner thighs~
~Taste of that forbidden fruit
hanging from the vine~
~Drink the nectar from the root
of warm in lucid wine~
~My senses reeling in of pleasure
intoxicating me~
~In that my body shakes in tremors
lusting in of spree~
~Fulfill your wildest Carnal wish
of that be ecstasy~
~Entering that of Passion’s Bliss
emoting in deity~
~Skin to skin thrust deep within
stirring Passion’s roux~
~Drunk on that of sweetest sin
cumming in my spew~
~In that you scream of pleasure be
erotically insane~
~Together reaching our ecstasy
sweetest of all pain~
~Entwined in that of Love’s embrace
searing in as one~
~Fingers grasping interlaced
the web of Love be spun~
Duke Sherman

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Make Passion's Volcano Erupt

~I want to:
~Feel your body touching mine
embraced within a kiss~
~Drink of that in Passion’s wine
stirring in your spit~
~Kiss the slender of your neck
ignite your inner fire~
~Caress your soft in silken flesh
humming in desire~
~Map your body with my tongue
inhale your sweet perfume~
~Inching downwards in of plunge
slow be in of croon~
~Finally reaching your inner thighs
warm in wet be of~
~Slip my tongue of just inside
taste your liquid love~
~Arouse your every erotic nerve
sucking on your clit~
~Feel your body quiver jerk
of fruit between my lips~
~Making Passion’s volcano erupt
in that of ecstasy~
~Spewing juices from the duct
flowing in of sweet~
~Penetrate you deep inside
fitting like a glove~
~Stroke in that of rapid stride
riding Passion’s lust~
~Heightening in of Passion’s flames
burning in desire~
~Unto the cumming of our pain
consumed within the fire~
~Fulfill your every erotic dream
your every fantasy~
~Hear your pleasure cum in scream
of that in ecstasy~
Duke Sherman 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas Caitlin


                                                              To My Granddaughter:
~You are in that the greatest gift
God in gave to us~
~The granting of a special wish
an Angel in our trust~
~To love in hold in keep you safe
to help you grow up strong~
~To teach of God in all his ways
in that of right from wrong~
~I say a prayer for you each night
I ask the Lord of this~
~To always keep you in his sight
in grant your every wish~
~In that the start of every day
to give you health in love~
~In friends to share your sweet arrays
these things I pray in of~
~I ask for happiness in your life
in all things great and small~
~In that you never live in strife
I prayed for most of all~
~May the joy in peace of Christmas day
always be with you~
~May the Angels keep you in their way
may your every wish ring true~
Duke Sherman
Pawpaw Duke

You Are My Fantasy

~You are in that my fantasy
my every dream in of~
~In raging fire inside of me
Passion’s burning lust~
~Of that the strength be my desire
burns between my legs~
~In that of setting my seed afire
screaming in of beg~
~Come lye with me be next my side
in that of making love~
~Of that the night unto the light
fulfilling our every lust~
~Embrace we will in that of kiss
tongues in that of dance~
~Tasting one in other’s lips
subdued within a trance~
~Filling our every thought of pleasure
with reality~
~Inhale your every moan in quiver
of sensuality~
~Whisper lullabies in your ear
caressing of your spine~
~Sensations touched in tingles sear
rising in of climb~
~Rain kisses down your longing neck
unto your fruited breast~
~Suck your nipples cherry red
swollen in erect~
~Drink of that between your thighs
sweet in nectar of~
~Cumming from of deep inside
warm in liquid love~
~Make love to you en every way
feel our fire burn~
~In that to quench our every crave
lusting in our yearn~
~Entwined in that be of as one
consumed by Passion’s fire~
~Unto the light of morning’s sun
in that of our desires~
Duke Sherman