Monday, December 5, 2011

Boiling In Desire

~I have inside myself be lust
raging in afire~
~Flowing in be of my blood
boiling in desire~
~To take of you be of embrace
taste your rosen lips~
~In of the sweet be wet in laced
be that within your kiss~
~Inhale of that be in your breath
the passion be your soul~
~Wash your body in caress
from that of head to toe~
~Drink of that between your thighs
quench my lusting thirst~
~Sweet inflow of deep inside
imbued within your squirt~
~To have you kneel in front of me
my hard within your mouth~
~Suck in tease be roust my seed
of that in cumming out~
~Tickle tender touch caress
the hold between my legs~
~Bring me to my utmost crest
make me sweat in beg~
~Of that my pain to suck in choke
release the cumming seed~
~Swallow down the sultry load
stewing in the bleed~
~To take you in be of the night
make love to you in be~
~Of Karma Sutras sweet delights
 a night in ecstasy ~
Duke Sherman

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