Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bodies Fused


~I burn in that be called desire
consuming of my soul~
~Raging of that in lusting fire
ready to explode~
~Your nails run down in of my spine
digging in my back~
~Our bodies fused of intertwine
yearning in my sack~
~I feel the heat of that your breath
within your crying moan~
~Passion steaming of your sweat
hunger in your tone~
~Of that be haze within your eyes
you gasp for every breath~
~In that you quiver jerk in sigh 
cumming in of crest~
~Between my legs of burning flame
brewing in the sack~
~I feel the strain in cumming pain
bustling up the shaft~
~One final thrust we both explode
your gasping breath subsides~
~We rest in that of your bestrode
of me between your thighs~
~In that be of in Love’s embrace
in that be of the night~
~We lye in warm of intimate
in Passion’s paradise~
Duke Sherman

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