Saturday, December 3, 2011

In Viper's Feed


~Of that my soul in fever burns
of that my blood be fire~
~Within my heart be that of yearn
hungry be a viper~
~Of that embrace in of a kiss
sweet be in of wine~
~Drink of that be in your spit
tongues be interwined~
~Suck on those your rosen buds
blooming of your breast~
~Lick in round those busty jugs
be that in of caress~
~In that be of make love to you
unto the light of day~
~Imbue you of my burning spew
feed on that your spray~
~Forbidden fruit from that within
liquor from the keg~
~Of that be of the sweetest sin
kept warm between your legs~
~To bask in that be deep inside
feel your warm within~
~To grip my hard be locked in tight
of that be in your rim~
~In that of thrust to jaculate
of that be in be out~
~To that of sweet in lusted spate
of seed in being roust~
~Of that my loin be of inflamed
unto my seed in sack~
~Of that my groin in throbbing pain
be hard in long of shaft~
~In need be of to find escape
of that within the bur~
~Down the shaft of mouth agape
my seed be in of surge~
~In that to be in mix with you
inside your wet in warm~
~Be that in cumming of our spew
of each in every spore~
~To wrestle be in through the night
entwined in that of love~
~Unto the dawn be first of light
in that my hunger of~
Duke Sherman

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