Thursday, December 8, 2011

Beautiful Poem

Apologies to Boanerges

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Many a moon has past
since you walked with me last
another gardener has tended my heart
while you and I have grown apart
planting his virile seed in my fertile ground
while you were not around
to care for me
He came to me as in a dream
traveling on a silver moonbeam
with enthusiasm and zeal
helping my wounds to heal
filling my emptiness with his voice
I simply had no other choice
but to love him as I do
the way I once worshipped you
Lingering here all alone
wishing I could touch your tone
brown skin once again
he moved in
overcoming my personal space
insinuating his beautiful face
where yours had been for so long
feeding my starving spirit with his song
saturating all my free time
inspiring me to write and rhyme
as you once had
when you discovered me
and lonely
and I adored you only
Oh, what can I say?
his smile arose like a sun-filled day
surrounding me
when he came down to me
nurturing me with his soulful kiss
transforming my anguish into bliss
holding me close and tight
throughout my darkest night
making me forget my crimson pain
driving away the dark clouds and rain
I suffered through when your essence
withdrew from my presence
and I became turquoise blue
with the loss of you
You had loved me sweetly
deeply and completely
while he came upon me like a raging fire
consuming me with passion and wild desire
turning my freshly-tended emotion
from heavy sorrow to intense devotion
gently, yet with clear intent
he presented himself, so innocent
vibrantly expressing his quiet power
causing my soul force to flower
Full of promise and vitality
he shared his bounty generously
connecting at our very core
he gave me more than I hoped for
A valiant steed
he galloped with speed
across my untilled land
grasping my open hand
steering me into his heart
until he too had to depart
abandoning this flourishing soil
beneath the jasmine tree where I toil
to contemplate and wonder
what shall I do without you
sons of thunder
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