Monday, December 19, 2011

My Heart In Stormed


~Of fire burns within my soul 
bleeding through my veins~
~Devouring of my body whole
in Passion’s burning flame~
~My heart in stormed of thundering
beating out of pace~
~Within my loins be hungering
bustling in of haste~
~Blood engorged stout in hard
throbbing of in pain~
~Competing beats of that my heart
burning in of flame~
~I crave of that deliciousness
in tasting of your lips~
~To know of that your tenderness
embraced within of kiss~
~To bed you down in that of love
feel your deep inside~
~Of that be in the fire of
Passion’s burning rise~
~Feel you quiver hear you moan
 whisper in of sigh~
~In that I brush your special zone
cumming in of nigh~
~To see of pleasure in your face
glimmer in your eyes~
~To fall asleep in of embrace
completely satisfied~
Duke Sherman

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