Thursday, December 29, 2011

Abstinence Of Love

~Young in hungry be of lust
we fight the urge each day~
~Of that be of in making love
in time for we will wait~
~We sit in hug in that of kiss
hearts of skipping beats~
~In that of touching of our lips
sometimes of growing weak~
~In that of love we find the strength
quelling of our lust~
 ~In that be of in going the length
in waiting be in of~
~Plans we make in of our lives
together we will be~
~In that of love we sacrifice
waiting in purity~
~Unto of that our Wedding day
we live in abstinence~
~In that we trust in every way
our love will but transcend~
~She is of that my heart my soul
my beginning in my end~
~The one with whom I will grow old
my very best of friend~
~I love her more than one can say
she is my everything~
~In that my love for I will wait
until she wears my ring~
Duke Sherman

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