Thursday, December 22, 2011

Consumed In Passion's Lust

~Consumed in that of Passion’s lust
nothing to resist~
~Of that my veins in boiling blood
embraced within a kiss~
~Tongues in touching of entwined
drowning in the spit~
~Our bodies move in perfect rhyme
joining at the hips~ 
~Within my groin in burns of fire
driving me insane~
~Hard in thick in of desire
throbbing in of pain~ 
~I breathe into your dainty ears
nibbling on your neck~
~Our bodies rise in temperatures
dripping in of sweat~
~I fondle of your busting breast
sucking on your nips~
~Inhale your body’s tenderness
caressing in of kiss~
~Down your legs in up again
unto your inner thighs~
~Kiss in lick the rosen stem
slip my tongue inside~
~Drink of that the cumming root
 nectar oozing of~
~In warm in tasty lucid juice
be in of liquid love~
~You moan you sigh make love to me
I kiss your inner thighs~
~Climb your body’s burning heat
slip my hard inside~
~You clamp your legs around my waist
I thrust in thunderously~
~Your every moan be interlaced
in that of ecstasy~
~Moving slow deep in be out
deep back in again~
~Stroking in of round about
sensations in transcend~
~You quiver quake moan in sigh
dig into my back~
~I feel of cumming coincide
straining in my sack~
~Climax embraced be of in kiss
tongues be intertwined~
~Consumed in that of Passion’s bliss
bodies in perfect rhyme
Duke Sherman

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