Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Passion's Hungry Fire


~You are in that my one desire
in that my lusting of~
~Burning Passion’s hungry fire
cooking in my blood~
~I long to feel your skin to mine
smell your sultry scent~
~Of that our bodies be entwined
sensations of ascent~
~Taste the sweetness of your lips
softer than of rose~
~Absorb the fire in your kiss
inhale your inner soul~
~Fondle touch in kiss your breast
suck your rosen nips~
~Riding high upon your chest
begging for my lips~
~Bury my face between your thighs
taste of that within~
~Drink the nectar be inside
of that the sweetest sin~
~Feed the fire in your blood
sizzling in of heat~
~Imbuing flames be in of lust
in that of ecstasy~
~To hold you in of Love’s enbrace
in that of intertwine~
~Feel you skin in touching mine
lying face to face~
~You are in that my one desire
of burning in my blood~
~In that of Passion’s hungry fire
you are my one in of~
Duke Sherman

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