Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Passion Full Of Fire

~I think of you in that of love

passion full of fire~

~You are in that my one in of

inflamed be of desire~

~I want to take you of embrace

sweet in longing kiss~

~Feel your heart in pounding pace

in that of lusting bliss~

~Whisper softly in your ear

how much you mean to me~

~Run my fingers through your hair

silk like soft in sheen~

~Taste the softness of your skin

nibble on your neck~

~Igniting flames of that within

suck your busty breast~.

~Undress your body in expose

be that your nakedness~

~From that your head unto your toes

be that your tenderness~

~Lick your body in of length

hear you moan in sigh~

~Inhale the sex be in your scent

drink between your thighs~

~To know of that your every spot

that brings you joy in cum~

~In hear you beg me not to stop

unto the deed is done~

~In that for you to want me too

passion full of fire~

~Like that in me of wanting you

inflamed be of desire~

Duke Sherman                                                      

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