Monday, December 12, 2011

Sweet Delight

~You are a fire within my soul
burning of desire~
~In that my blood run hot the flow
within my every fibre~
~Cooking that within my sack
bustling in of yearn~
~Swelling that erect my shaft
pulsating in the burn~
~Embraced within of lusting kiss
tongues be interwined~
~I drink of that your sultry lips
intoxicating wine~
~Your nipples solid full of height
I suck in round your breast~
~You whisper softly that of sigh
I feel your warming breath~
~With that my tongue I wash your length
taste your nakedness~
~Inhale that be your sexing scent
of that your tenderness~
~Indulge of that between your thighs
of tasty cumming spit~
~Drunk on pleasure of sweet delight
my heart in beating skips~
~You take my shaft in that of mouth
my sack within your grasp~
~To generate my seed be out
stroke slow in hard the shaft~
~Tightening your grip in cums explode
my sack be on of fire~
~Swallow down the burning load
of that my sizzling desire~
~You jerk you moan you sing my name
begging me of more~
~My blood still burns in that of flame
drinking of your core~
~I spread your thighs be open wide
my lips around your clit~
~Rub my fingers side to side
unto your cumming spit~
~You jerk in moan in quiver sigh
breathing shallow breaths~
~In cums be that my sweet delight
be of erotic bliss~
~In that we spend in paradise
copulating fire~
~Making love throughout the night
burning our desires~
Duke Sherman 

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