Sunday, December 25, 2011

Make Passion's Volcano Erupt

~I want to:
~Feel your body touching mine
embraced within a kiss~
~Drink of that in Passion’s wine
stirring in your spit~
~Kiss the slender of your neck
ignite your inner fire~
~Caress your soft in silken flesh
humming in desire~
~Map your body with my tongue
inhale your sweet perfume~
~Inching downwards in of plunge
slow be in of croon~
~Finally reaching your inner thighs
warm in wet be of~
~Slip my tongue of just inside
taste your liquid love~
~Arouse your every erotic nerve
sucking on your clit~
~Feel your body quiver jerk
of fruit between my lips~
~Making Passion’s volcano erupt
in that of ecstasy~
~Spewing juices from the duct
flowing in of sweet~
~Penetrate you deep inside
fitting like a glove~
~Stroke in that of rapid stride
riding Passion’s lust~
~Heightening in of Passion’s flames
burning in desire~
~Unto the cumming of our pain
consumed within the fire~
~Fulfill your every erotic dream
your every fantasy~
~Hear your pleasure cum in scream
of that in ecstasy~
Duke Sherman 

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