Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Intoxicating Lust

~I dreamt the last in night of be
like many nights before~
~In that be filled of ecstasy
in that be of rapport~
~Feeling warmth each others love 
 embraced within of kiss~
 ~Intoxicating taste of lust
of that within our lips~
~I find my way on down your neck
unto your rounding breast~
~Suck of those your nipples red
of that be in caress~
~Further down your body’s length
in stop be at your midst~
~Inhale be that your female scent
taste your inner drips~
~Round in bout your inner thigh 
missing not a spot~
~I slip my tongue of that inside
oh so sweet in hot~
~Of that in nectar thick in clear
sultry tasting sweet~
~Play with that your clit in seared
like tenderizing meat~
~Quiver jerk in moan in sigh
you beg me not to stop~
~Of every move intensifies
the juices flowing hot~
~In bustling flow in that be of
cumming from inside~
~I drink in that your liquid love
of that be my delight~
~Next you drop unto your knees
my hard between your lips~
~Suck it down in like a treat
tight within your grip~
~I feel the pain within my sack
throbbing of my hard~
~I strain in that to make it last
feel my pounding heart~
~The pain prevails in fills your mouth
dripping from inside~
~You lick your lips around in bout
smile long in wide~
~Make love we do throughout the night
in every pleasure be~
~Unto in after come daylight
in that of ecstasy~
 Duke Sherman

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