Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Midnight Fantasy

~You are in that my heart’s desire
my wish upon a star~
~In that of lust you are my fire
burning of afar~
~Of one in only be longing of
imbuing of my soul~
~In that be of undying love
never growing cold~
~My one in Midnight fantasy
the burn within my crave~
~The flame be in of ecstasy
hunger be enraged~
~I long to hold you of embrace
sizzle in of kiss~
~Touch the softness of your face
caressing with my lips~
~Hear the rhythm of your heart
playing in your chest~
~Each beat of igniting Lovers spark
flaming in your breast~
~Feel your breath my naked skin
tremor of desire~
Explore your body’s loveliness
mapping every curve~
~Tasting in your tenderness
touching erotic nerves~
~Feed your lust be of desire
smoldering of within~
~Fueling your every inner fire
shimmering in your skin~
~Hear your Passion sing in sigh
burning in your soul~
~Ecstasy of be pure delight
quivering in of whole~
Fulfill your deepest of desire
grant your every lust~
~Melding souls in Passion’s fire
entwined of making love~
~Hold you tight within my arms
in never let you go~
~Of precious memories being spun
within of heart in soul~
~Fall to sleep of hand in hand
touching in of love~
Duke Sherman

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