Sunday, December 11, 2011

Karma Sudra's Play

~I Want to:
~Embrace your tender in of kiss
taste of that within~
~Sweet caressing of our lips
wine of mandarin~
~Whisper softly in your ear
nibble on your neck~
~Ignite sensations in of sear
make your body sweat~
~Suck of that your round in full
nipples be erect~
~Rosen red like ruby jewels
set upon your breasts~
~Run my fingers down your spine
make you quiver moan~
~Be that be of in perfect rhyme
arousing erogenous zones~
~Unto around between your thighs
of warm in sultry bliss~
~Slip my fingers just inside
be that be of the crypt~
~See within your eyes of gaze
begging me for more~
~Between my groins be in ablaze
sensation be of soar~
~Take your clothes off piece by piece
unwrap your nakedness~
~Wash your body be complete
in gentle kiss caress~
~Taste in that your cumming spew
between your hungry thighs~
~Warm in wet a special brew
be that from deep inside~
~Have you kneel in front of me
suck my throbbing stout~
~Pump me hard unto my seed
cum bustling shooting out~
~In that be Karma Sudra’s play
make love throughout the night~
~Sixty four in different ways
of that be in delight~
Duke Sherman

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